Au revoir. But not goodbye.

Chers amis, dear friends,

We miss you.

We miss the smell of cassoulet and crusty baguettes in a dining room full of people making friends, making deals, making memories.

At first, we thought we'd open again soon. We used the down time to build a new pergola and lay a new floor. But we were facing challenges before Covid. On all sides of us, major construction projects rose like soufflés, testing our sang-froid. We'd beaten a crippling property tax bill, but the provincial bureaucrats at MPAC were tying on the gloves for another round.

In short: Le Sélect had been through an earthquake and a tornado, and then Godzilla stomped down Wellington Street. Such was Covid-19.

As the bills piled up and the centimes started to run short, we asked ourselves: are we ready to enlist for another fight from the trenches? Perhaps it was time to make a deal.

Enter Allied Properties. Allied is a company with a vision we admire. They build pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods. They believe in preserving heritage buildings, making beautiful designs by leading architects, and meeting Platinum LEED standards to leave the smallest footprint. They are exactly the people we want to do business with.

And so, for the first time, Le Sélect is in new hands. We don't know yet what will happen in the sunny future after Covid. It may be the Le Sélect that you remember. It may change a little or a lot. But we think our legacy is in good hands.

Thank you to all of you who came through our doors to share memories, moments, and café-au-lait, for the chats, the cheers, the tears, and the triumphs. You're why we made Le Sélect.

Pour toujours,

Frédéric, Jean-Jacques, Vicki, Monika, and the whole team
Le Sélect Bistro, 1977-2021

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432 Wellington Street West, Toronto M5V 1E3

Désolé, mais…

We’re not taking reservations at the moment as the conditions for reopening are unworkable. We’re going to reopen when we know we can give you the full flawless Le Sélect experience as we have for all these years.

We’ll announce here when we’re taking reservations again. We can’t give a date now. A big merci for your patience. We miss you too.

Un moment, s’il vous plaît!

If you want to make a reservation

please don’t send us an email. We’re not taking reservations at the moment as the conditions for reopening are unworkable. We don’t currently know when we will be able to reopen, but when we do, you’ll get the full flawless Le Sélect experience, no compromises. Merci pour votre patience.

If you want to…

…please send us an email!